Coop coin Genesis


Coop coin explosion within the Algorand blockchain is shaping up to be the perfect storm of hype, community, and absurdity.

Mobile Quiz/Game

The Coop Game rewards players for participating in games and quizzes.
App coins earned as rewards can only be converted into Coop coins.
Combining the enjoyment of playing games with the educational aspect of quizzes
makes learning new information both fun and rewarding.

Build knowledge

Learn something new

Get all fee

Play in 1 vs 1 and receive the entire entry fee.

Earn Coop coin

Complete quiz and earn $0.10

What is the COOP COIN?

COOP was created by Cooper Daniels and fully distributed as a surprise to anyone who had opted in.
Until that time it was believed that each person would only be given a single Coop.
This was not announced or expected. Cooper kept exactly zero Coop for himself.
It should have gone to zero and stayed there, as there was not even a token roadmap.
But the Algorand commuinity reacted with interest.
Liquidity Pools were created. Some paper-handed it, others gobbed it up.
Coop was the talk of the town, and community members started building around it.

Community Rewards Vault (CRV)

CRV created by D13 and all values founded by the Coop coin community.
The CRV is a community initiative to pool Coop and liquidity pool tokens. After 182 donations by 99+ community members, the CRV is currently worth around $14.969,07+.
This capital will be deployed towards bringing longevity and utility to Coop according to the decisions of a two-tier Governance.
The first tier is donors to the CRV, who can propose measures to be voted by the broader community and alter the mechanics of Challenge Governance.


The ReCoop


Cooper Daniels is 'COOP's father. He distributed Coop coin as a surprise to anyone who had opted in.



Community Rewards Vault (CRV) created by D13 and he has still improved the system.


Coop Game Manager

Mefra created Coop Game and manage marketing, advertisement also he organizes the website.

Video Editor

Raider creates video on social media. He create funny videos for more impression of brand.


Social Media Editor

rydo.algo manages Twitter


Social Media Editor

roamoilanen.algo manages Discord

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Join the community

Coop coin is a community project. There is no company, no investors, no CEO, and no pre-sale. It is supported by people just like YOU.
Join the social channels for updates and discussions about how to participate in this fast growing network.